Lori Wareham-Mulrooney

M.S.W. | R.S.W.

CLINICAL Social Worker

Lori Wareham-Mulrooney

Lori is a clinical social worker who holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Community Rehabilitation and Disability Studies (1997) a Bachelor of Social Work (2002) and a Master of Social Work (2009) with a concentration in adult trauma and post traumatic growth.  As a lifelong learner, Lori has also completed Level I & II towards play therapy certification and plans to complete the final level summer 2019. Additionally, Lori holds advanced certificates through the Canadian Association of Play Therapy in ”Responding to Trauma, Art Therapy & Working with Children and Youth through Grief and Bereavement.  

Throughout her career Lori has worked with traumatic brain injury and trauma recovery, adult mental health and addiction, adult rehabilitation and palliative care.  In 2010 Lori focused her career to working with children, youth and families who are experiencing difficulty with mental health and addictions, divorce and separation, behavioral, social and emotional challenges, trauma recovery, anxiety, ADHD and family work.  As a therapist, but most importantly as a mother of two wonderful children, Lori is acutely aware of the challenges of work life balance and the unique trials that parenting can present.

Although Lori may have subject area expertise, she is firmly grounded in the power of neuro-therapeutic relationships and that each individual is the expert in their lives.  With an eclectic approach to practice based on the unique personality and needs of her clients, Lori’s goal is to nurture resilience and self-compassion that will allow people to discover their personal power to heal, thrive and experience the rich and meaningful life they deserve.