What We Do

Customized Therapeutic Residential Care

We provide residential child care to children and youth who are experiencing difficulties in their lives. Young people who are referred to us for residential child care are usually considered to have complex needs and challenging behaviours and require an intensive, therapeutic placement option.

All our residential child care programs are individualized to meet the specific needs of young people.

Our Program Philosophy

We provide supportive, nurturing and therapeutic residential environments for young people based on the following:

  • Assessment and intervention is developmental and trauma informed. It focuses on providing a rich array of diverse and reparative experiences to stimulate growth in all functional areas
  • Strong focus on relational practice, providing positive social interactions, and encouraging the development of healthy relationships and a sense of belonging
  • Intervention is focused on identifying the needs underlying young people’s behaviours and helping them to meet these needs in healthier ways
  • Intervention is individualized, promoting resilience, competence and opportunities for young people to experience success
  • Families and/or guardians are considered an integral part of the therapeutic process

We respect, promote and protect the rights of all young people in our care. Young people and families are treated with honesty, integrity and sensitivity and not discriminated against on the basis of gender, ethnicity, religion, culture or sexuality.

We’re committed to providing high quality standards of care for all young people. This includes having a highly trained and competent staff group and providing ongoing staff development and training opportunities.

Family-based Care

We recognize that bringing a child into a new home presents a variety of challenges. Key Assets offers intervention specialists and community outreach to ensure both the young person and carer are taken care of throughout the duration of the placement.

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